My name is Ethan Aldrich and I love to make Youtube Videos, Websites, Video games, and music.I have my own YouTube channel and post about 1 video a week. If you would like to check it out click here. I have my own website also. I mainly use it for sharing files with friends and for my minecraft server's online map. I also use it for some class projects if I am able to. I am currently working on a video game called test track which will be an open world driving simulator and takes place in Nevada. On my soundcloud i have an album named clasrom and I really like this because for school projects I can uses this and currently am for a health project.I Love to take pictures and am in graphic design. I mainly take pictures of anything that I think looks awe inspiring or just cool; so everything.

I run cross-country and track for Palo Verde High School. I also run track for them. I have swam for LVSC, wrestled for PVHS, and played soccer and baseball earlier in life. I love to read. I read everything but like fantasy the most. My favorite book would be 11/30/76 by Stephen King, because it is very realistic and has an amazing plot.