Made with Google Sheets

A tool for making a twitter bot using Google Spreadsheets. Because the software runs in Google Spreadsheets, and it requires the interaction of a specifically-constructed sheet with the underlying code specific to that sheet, this page exists:

The .gs files in this page are the underlying GAS code for the dev version.

Spreadsheet Releases

To use one of these spreadsheets, use "File -> Make a Copy..." to save it to your Google Drive.


SSBot v0.5.2


SSBot v0.5.1

SSBot v0.4


A step-by-step guide for the legacy version is available on my website.

The basic setup steps for 0.5.x are included in the spreadsheet linked above, with a slightly more verbose version to follow below.

Step 1: Create your Bot’s Twitter Account

I like to do this first because it gives your bot a sense of identity while you work on it. You probably already know how to sign up for a Twitter account, so here are few tips:

You can customize your bot’s profile now or later, but I always like to give my bots an avatar picture, a nice background, and an informative bio that explains the bot purpose while disclosing its botness.

Signup Page Screenshot

Step 2: Create your Twitter App

Step 3: Authorize your spreadsheet with your API credentials

Step 4: Choose and Configure a Constructor

Step 5: Review some General Settings

Step 6: Start Posting